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This is a repository for various things related to the Master of Orion series.
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Latest News
The latest official patch, version 1.25, is available here, details are at QS's site here.

The Code Patch is out! Download it here, or read the changelog here. Lots of useful fixes and additions, including more and better tool tips, MP fixes, flag color selection, UI enhancements, sitrep filters, and more.

QS has released the Data Patch. See the forum thread about the patch for the changelog (also in the readme distributed in the patch), or just download it. You'll have to wait for the Code Patch for some of the more significant changes/bugfixes, but this is at least supposed to help with the military AI and some other things.

It turns out you don't need to buy the commercial version of winex to play MoO3 under Linux. I was not able to run the game with CVS winex, but I was able to successfully run the game under standard wine. I tested it using the 20030219 tarball. The only catch is that you need a no-CD crack, because only the commercial winex has support for CD copy-protection. Beyond that, it runs just as well under standard wine as it does under commercial winex!

We figured out what is causing the multiplayer Resume bug! XipeTotec, LeetsFoWoc, Padre8, killja, and myself successfully resumed a game after 15 turns. All of us have broadband connections, and even so it took a minute and a half before all of us successfully entered the game. Our current hypothesis is that MoO3 sends the savegame file from the host to each of the other players, possibly sequentially rather than in parallel, and that the game does not wait for everyone to receive the file before beginning the next turn (at least for the host). The result is that players with a slower connection, such as modem users, get left out to dry. A typical 56K user will require 20 to 30 minutes to receive a 2MB savegame file, which is considerably longer than the turn timers used in most MP games (2 to 3 minutes in general, but certainly less than 10). Curiously, these 2MB savegame files could easily be compressed considerably, which would greatly alleviate the problem. I tested a couple of my savegame files, at 1.7MB and 1.9MB, and both compressed to under 200KB using bzip2, and not much larger using standard ZIP.

I've found some UI bugs in the game, and have put up this page to document them.

I just posted my Impression of MoO3 on the Kali MOO2 forums, and decided I might as well put it here as well. Enjoy.

MoO3 works great under Linux, using WineX. Unfortunately, the commercial version is required; CVS will not work (at least it didn't for me). Using WineX allows you to run MoO3 in windowed mode or fullscreen, and the game performs just as well as it does under Windows. Even multiplayer works! Just be sure to use the System mouse cursor.

In order to host multiplayer games over the Internet, you need to allow port 25711 (TCP and UDP) on your firewall.

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The MOO3 Manual - PDF

The MOO3 Readme - TXT

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Playing Multiplayer MOO2 over Kali

Tired of stomping the computer? Want to try your luck at some MOO2 multiplayer action? Or maybe you just want some tips from seasoned MP players to improve your game? Here's some resources to help you out.