Dopefish's MOO3 Bugs List:

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NOTE: This page is out of date and is not being maintained. It is only here for reference. For a current bug list, check out Renaux's bug list.

Note: These are actual bugs, not simply a list of complaints or feature requests or whatever.

ScreenshotDescriptionHow to reproduce
Blank lines in MP game setup screen No idea, it seems to randomly happen when people are joining multiplayer games. I don't know if they are harmful or not, but the only way to get rid of them is to cancel hosting the game and create it again.
Dropdown boxes extend down too far in MP game setup screen Start a multiplayer game with several players and empires (example is with 6 humans and 5 AIs). Resume from a save. The host is supposed to pick each player's empire from a drop-down list, but the bottom of the dropdown boxes for the players joining last will be hidden, with no way of accessing the bottom empires.
Scrollbars in build queue Select an item with a long enough description to make a scrollbar show up. Scroll down. Select an item with a short description. Voila, the top of the description is cut off, and you can't scroll back up without going back to the item with the long description.
No screenshot The in-game chat is doubleplus ungood In the MP game setup screen, chat messages longer than one line frequently wrap and cause garbled text. The in-game chat refuses to scroll smoothly: the mouse wheel, clicking the arrows at the ends of the scrollbar, and dragging the scrollbar all cause the window to scroll more than the 3 and a half lines that are visible, making it extremely difficult to check the history.
No screenshot Resuming multiplayer Internet games can be problematic. When you resume a game, the host sends the savegame file to all players; this file is generally about 2MB in size. If you're on a 56K or slower connection, this will take 20 or 30 minutes, which is quite longer than the typical turn timer of 2 or 3 minutes. Thus, you are unable to resume. This causes me to wonder why the savegame files aren't compressed, as that would greatly alleviate the problem (I was able to compress a 1.9MB savegame file down to 170KB using bzip2, or 220KB using plain ol' zip.

Other Issues - these are problems I think need to be addressed, but aren't necessarily bugs.